Monday, 11 February 2013

Rough Gals

I don't know what you think of when you think of a chick who's ready for a fight. In my case, it's not usually big, firm breasts, slim waists and curvy hips that come to mind. These lovely gals don't look so rough and tough until they start their bouts. Then they prove that a sexy female brawl can be just as nasty as seeing two male boxers in the ring. Tons of female punching, smothering, wrestling and torture scenes all in hi-Def and hi-quality vids and pics! Watch and be thrilled because you never know what these girls got!

Nude Catfight

I grew up in a rough rural area and I remember seeing some major catfights back in the day. You wouldn't want to cross any of the chicks involved in those brawls because they didn't show any mercy as they punched, scratched and pulled hair. I'm sure that watching the girls fight turned on a few onlookers, but these hardened gals were a bit too intimidating for me. I prefer the ladies on Fighting Dolls, who may be just as fierce, but have a more feminine flair to their aggression.

I know this all sounds terrific, but I must quickly point out that most bouts last under five minutes. When I said before that the fights seemed fair, I meant the opponents look about equal in size and strength. They may be physically matched, but there's always one combatant who dominates the other. By the end of the bouts, the ladies who've managed to lose without being knocked out are more than ready to give up and grovel at the victor's feet.

At any rate, the fights seem fair enough in the meny videos. Some scenes can be downloaded in a Windows Media format, while others are available as MPEGs. The newer flicks give you great-quality playback, while the older ones are slightly less impressive. If you prefer, you can choose to stream the flicks online rather than save them to your computer.

How do you like two ladies against each other on a sparring match? You’ll like them more when they’re doing that while in their sexy bikinis! These ladies know how to fight and they prove it as they punch each other’s belly. They punch hard and really painful. But as they do that, they still know how to maintain their luring hotness. Hard punches in the stomach make these wild ladies scream in pain. But those punches are what also make them even stronger and even more determined to beat up the other and reign supreme. These ladies may be in bikini but that doesn’t matter and they actually do not even care as long as they are able to give all their strength and defeat the other.

Due to endless hard punches on the stomach, powerful Japanese mistress was able to keep her foe down on the ground. She’s just so powerful that her poor opponent cannot anymore get back at her. Both of them are wearing bikinis and their built are a perfect match, but the winning lady’s skills are beyond compare! Ladies get jealous and insecure some times. And when they do, you never know what they can do. Check out this mistress here, who’s wearing a mask, to hide her identity. She’s tough and she will do anything to prove to anyone that she’s in power. She pulled a helpless lady’s hair, punched her on her stomach and smothered her using a belt.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Female wrestling talent

John had been in a few matches against some of the phenomenal female wrestling talent that Flamingo has provided to it's fans, so he stated in his prefight interview that he was really surprised how good these girls were. Nevertheless, he noted that he was young and strong and he hoped to do well. Quit dreaming, John, because he didn't have a prayer against the ferocious lioness, Sunny.

Sunny is a very sexy female warrior, who's shapely brown body will make you drool when you see her first in tight shorts and a halter top and then later in the match stripped down to a tiny little bikini.. But don't let her good looks fool you. Sunny is an extremely aggressive and very naturally talented female ass kicking machine.

Female wrestling talent

She came into the match confident and to quote her in her prefight interview, "I hope to kick some butt!" As she advertised, Sunny launched her shocking attack from the moment the match began. Within seconds, John was tossed to the mat in a brutal headlock take down and slipped right into a grapevine that looked like it would make his legs snap like twigs. He accordingly submitted instantly pleading to be released.

Unfortunately for John, this was going to be a long painful session that found him in one agonizing hold after another as this beautiful girl savagely attacked him, completely dominating him. It is truly a sight to see to witness this young in shape guy just get slaughtered. Sunny used her swiftness and skill to get John into head scissors that made him into a helpless little boy as was repeatedly humbled into one submission after another.

In addition, Sunny dished out extra punishment with school boy pins, breast smothers, reverse head scissors and many others. To see Sunny's sexy body in that bikini dominating this helpless kid is a sight you don't want to miss!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Savage female warriors

This match features Sunny, a very sexy wild wrestler, 5'4", 130 lbs. was fired up as she awaited her chance to get it on with Suzanne, 5'6" and 134 lbs. Sunny began the match in tight jean shorts, silky white nylon stockings and a bikini top which made her look scorching hot! Suzanne came clad in black tights with her tight little white shorts which made her look just as good.

Savage female warriors

Despite looking so good, both of these female warriors were ready to do battle. During the pre-fight interviews Sunny said she expected to do very well and had been training very hard. Suzanne who noted she'd been dong a lot of kickboxing lately was equally confident.

The second the action began it was clear that this was going to be a fierce savage battle! Right from the start there were brutal holds like head scissors, body scissors, cross body pins, grapevines and breast smothers that caused the girls to force each other to concede in a shocking number of submissions. During the match, to everyone's delight, the girls decided to drop their shorts on camera which left them both in their sheer pantyhose and the breathtaking little panties each wore underneath.

The battle continued raging with shocking head and body scissors. After one female warrior obtained a submission, the other attacked with new animosity. Eventually, one of these two gorgeous formidable combatants gained a slight edge. To find out, you'll need to see this fervent, no holds barred vicious war.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Gleeful female warrior

This match offers some truly shocking footage of a tough young male who gets totally dominated and dismantled, until he is nothing but a helpless mound of flesh waiting to be brutally abused with shocking violence. The match features Tiffany, an elegant nubile black beauty with long powerful legs and an overall knock out figure. She is 5'8" and weighed 130 lbs. for the match. Her opponent was Antonio, a young man who stood 5'5" and weighed in at a solid 160 lbs. In the prefight interview, Tiffany giggled as she observed that although Antonio looked strong, “I think I can get him.” If all of her predictions were so accurate, Tiffany could be in the fortune telling business!

Gleeful female warrior

Right from the start, clad in a revealing yellow bikini, Tiffany was on the attack. Antonio charged but she leaped on him with body scissors and took him to the ground where she promptly rolled him over and submitted him. Moments later, they ended up on the mats again with Tiffany suddenly seizing some mind blowing scissor holds that made Antonio moan as he realized how much agony he was about to suffer. Time and time again, Tiffany simply used her vastly superior skills to put Antonio into one agonizing hold after another.

After awhile Tiffany really started enjoying dishing out the punishment because Antonio was constantly fighting very hard despite his continuous humiliating ass kicking. Tiffany held Antonio down and sat on his face. It’s hard to imagine the embarrassment Antonio felt with this sexy young girl laughing as she suffocated him at will with her ass only separated from his face by the sheer material of the skimpy bikini.

During the match, she inflicted this kind astonishing brutality more than once, leaving Antonio beaten and completely dominated by this gleeful sexy female warrior. This tape is destined to be a Flamingo classic in all real action domination mixed matches.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wrestling match

Tiffany, a very shapely black girl, 5'8", 130 lbs., who oozes sexuality came ready to inflict some punishment on her opponent, Stan, 5'6" & 155 lbs.

The match began in a fast and furious pace. Despite being athletic, Stan did not have much knowledge of wrestling and Tiffany eagerly took advantage of that to dominate, humiliate, and punish Stan. Tiffany forced Stan to submit over and over with grapevines that made Stan yelp in agony, powerful and sexy head scissors that captured his head between her upper thighs, and many other fierce holds.

Wrestling match

As Tiffany got heated up she tormented Stan multiple times by gaining a submission and then quickly changing position to crucify him with a new very painful hold. Tiffany also delighted in repeatedly crunching the air out of Stan's lungs with her python legs in some mind blowing body scissors and combining moves such as body scissors with a full nelson and body scissors and a cradle.

To Stan's despair Tiffany also at times not only punished him with grapevines, but finished him off by simultaneously breast smothering him. Other times she just humiliated him with school boy pins that often were combined with painful cradles. Stan was forced to submit often and with desperation. In particular, Stan was really put into some very humbling holds as Tiffany made herself happy by torturing Stan by doing things like sitting on his face and cradling him. He literally was suffocated into submission by having Tiffany's gorgeous butt smother his face as she held him in an agonizing cradle.

Overall, afierce, but lopsided match with a huge variety of stunning and painful holds that must be seen by any real fan of mixed wrestling.